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Trademark registration Services

In most countries in the world, the use of a trademark will not give you any exclusive rights to that trademark nor any legal protection against unauthorized use of that mark by third parties. Only on the basis of a registration will you be able to take action against trademark infringement by third parties who use your product names, designs, logos or packaging without your permission. And if you do not register your trademark, you may even risk that at a later stage you will no longer be able to use that trademark because a third party has successfully registered it.
Trademarkhost offers trademark registration services in more than 120 countries in the world. Please be informed that we strongly encourage our clients, prior to Trademark Registration, to perform Trademark Search of the trademark so that clients can make a well-founded assessment of his/her registration probabilities.

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Trademark availability searches

Before introducing a new trademark, the first concern is to find out whether it is available for use at all. Identification of similar trademarks and names with prior rights helps to avoid claims. We strongly encourage our clients, prior to Trademark Registration, to perform a Trademark Search (Comprehensive study) so that client can make a well-founded assessment of his/her registration probabilities.
this is of utmost importance, because third parties may have older rights entitling them to object to your use and registration. The holder of an older right may take (legal) action against the use of your new name or trademark. Depending on the circumstances, you may have to stop using the name or the trademark. Such conflicts may well turn out to be very costly. Preliminary searches informing you of potential objections before your introduction of the new name or the new trademark are your best safeguard against later unpleasant surprises.
An inquiry into potential objections to new trade names should take into account not only trade names included in the Trade Name Register, but also all trademarks included in the relevant trademark registers. After all, trademarks and trade names can be mutually obstructive.
Our trademark Search report includes the following steps: After you’ve ordered your Trademark Search, our company will contact you to define the applicable classes for your trademark in accordance with the description that you provide. Our company will then perform a manual trademark search, checking all possible earlier trademark rights. This includes a short Internet research to get a clear picture of the activities from the trademark holders. Based on the results of the Trademark Search, we will send you an extensive search report drawn up the basis of specific search criteria for verbal and visual elements. We will not only list similar trademarks (graphic/phonetic) that may conflict with yours, but also give you an Attorney’s opinion on registration possibilities.

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Trademark Watch Services

Did you know that most trademark authorities in the world do not even check whether an applied mark has already been registered? This means that the identical or (very) similar mark can be registered again and again without the competent authorities rejecting or signaling such later applications.
For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you carefully monitor all later registrations of identical and similar trademarks. And that you take action against such later registrations, if you think that they are conflicting. Manually monitoring such later registration is almost impossible because world-wide there are thousands of new applications filed every day.
We offer the solution: 100% automated monitoring service following which we will detect all conflicting later registrations, and send you a notification thereof per signaled later registration.
Trademark watching gives you the power to act right away and this is of the utmost importance. If you do not file an objection to infringing marks in a timely manner, you might lose the right to do so at all.

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